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Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Morning Musings

Even though I attend a very dynamic church and have great pastors, it's rare that I find a sermon I want to share here. As a rule, our executive pastor blogs about the sermons by our senior pastor; however, our Scott is in Africa doing mission work this week so yesterday, Bill continued the MYOB series by discussing finances. I'm guessing he won't toot his own horn (though it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility if you know Bill LOL), so I'll toot it for him.

Talking money in church! I know, I think he was begging for a big offering, but that wasn't the case. He spoke primarily about the fact that giving is counter-cultural and that we are all subject to greed. You have only to look at statistics on credit card usage and recent home foreclosures to know it's true. You might even be such a statistic though I certainly hope not.

Bill really brought his point home for me in saying that a parent desires to give his child everything they need and want; however, it is important NOT to surrender to that desire so that your child will learn what they can/will do without! At one time, I was a credit card junkie to put it nicely with thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars of debt and little to show for it but a realllly nice wardrobe and over a hundred pairs of shoes. Then, I got divorced. My salary was truly a pittance so I took a part time job to supplement my income, but continued to spend like a Trump. It was literally a case of the classic "champagne taste on a beer salary." So I figured the best way out for me was to (ta da) get my parents to give or loan me the money to get out of debt. And do you know what they said? They said "NO." For a short time, I was really ticked, but then I developed a real pride in my poverty - I worked more, lived frugally (can you say wacko roommate?!), and NEVER went shopping. And I paid it all off. And saved. A lot.

It was a decision and a lifestyle that completely went against the worldview of "You want it? OK. You like it? Get it." Back then, I was not involved with a church and had about two inches of dust on my Bible, but this IS a Biblical principle: The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender. Proverbs 22:7

Bill also espoused some Dave Ramsey tips and Biblical references to demonstrate how and why we all need to MYOB when it comes to money. Click HERE for the sermon podcast.

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