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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gymastics Superstars

Last night, we took Sophie to see the Olympiads at the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville. It was incredible to see the talent that these gymnasts have...such balance, and poise, and strength. I was not expecting the teeny bopper music (FYI - when you use the words "teeny bopper music," you are automatically OLD!) of KSM and Jordan Pruitt, but it was OK.

Sophie asked me early in the show if I'd remembered to bring her leotard. I said no. She then asked if she could just wear her Airborne t-shirt (which she had on) when she went on stage to perform. I said that would be fine. She then proceeded to ask (over & over) WHEN she would get to go on the mat. I told her that when she heard them call her name, then it would be time. PTL that there were no gymnasts named Sophia! When the show was over, she burst into tears because she had not gotten to perform. I told her that after she was in the Olympics THEN she could perform with the Superstars.

Upon our arrival home, she ran (!) up and down the hall practicing walkovers and cartwheels! I need a padded room for her. Actually, maybe the padded room will be for ME!

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