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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I just prepared my daughter's breakfast. Chocolate milk and a frozen waffle. Let me rephrase that: chocolate milk and a waffle right out of the freezer STILL frozen. I am taking a moment to think of her other favorites and am realizing that this child has a real affinity for cold foods. She doesn't just like for her cooked food to cool off. What the child loves is frozen foods right out of the freezer! We discovered this quirk when she was about three and just mastered opening the freezer door to get her own popsicles (a monkey on her back, let me tell ya). She asked sweetly if she could have one, and when I said yes, headed for her beloved Frigidaire. A few moments later I found her sitting on the kitchen floor licking a frozen ravioli. I watched, and as the ravioli thawed a little, she bit right into it and savored every morsel. Amazing. And gross.

In fact, we had a frozen ravioli dinner last night which was preceded by a cold pizza lunch. I know it looks like I'm in dire need of nutritional and/or parenting classes, but I did serve a fruit and vegetable with these entrees. Tonight's special is organic spinach ravioli a la ice crystals with a side of garden fresh cucumber slices. Our dessert du jour is french vanilla yogurt with fresh raspberries and frozen (of course) chocolate chips. Seriously. I wouldn't go back to this restaurant.

Last night, I made the terrible mistake of COOKING THE LAST FEW RAVIOLI which brought about the horrific "WHY?". "WHY?" for those for those who don't live with four year olds is not, in fact, a quick three-letter word denoting a question. "WHY?" is actually a nineteen syallable, ear-splitting sound which begins in the child's nose and ends in the mother's spine. If you think nails on a chalkboard are bad, then you've never been "WAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIed." At least I was able to serve an icy breakfast. I just can't take the "WHY?" before noon.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Baby Talk

Yet another moment of sweetness from my darling daughter...

As she was jamming on my 80s playlist, I overheard the following:

- "Love sticks. Yeah. Yeah." (aka "Love Stinks" by the J. Geils Band)

- "the deep police are a coming for me." (aka "Dream Police" by Cheap Trick)