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Friday, October 24, 2008

Forms to make your life easier!

At the suggestion of my sweet Mama, I have added links (top right hand of page) to my Master Grocery Shopping list and to my Family Budget worksheet. I'll start with telling you about the shopping list because almost everyone agrees that (a) They need a good basic list, and (b) They don't mind using a list. (Budgets are another story!)

My list is very detailed and in the order of the aisles at my favorite grocery store. (It's your lucky day if you shop Publix on the Parkway!) The spaces to the right of the item are where I make notes of sale prices and any coupons I have. I use the boxes to the left of the item to list the quantity I wish to buy. I print the entire list & post it to my refrigerator door so I can easily add to it as I run out of a staple item or when I am making my weekly menu. Since the list is so long, I will often use a highlighter pen before I head to the store so I won't miss anything! Feel free to print directly from the Google Docs site or download to your computer to personalize.

I adapted the budget form from a MicroSoft template. You'll see some items have different color fonts which I use to indicate autodrafts (with the date in the description column) or cash items. I make two monthly withdrawals for half the total of all cash items then use receipts to log purchases into the spreadsheet. When the cash is gone, so is the spending! I also have some expenses highlighted with a different color background. Most of these expenses are not monthly so I calculate a monthly amount to equal the annual bills. I total these columns and transfer the amount to our savings accounts which I access when the bill comes due. Again, you are welcome to download my format and personalize for your own use.

Budgeting is very personal, but is necessary so that you can truly know what and how you are spending! If you don't master your money, then your money can easily become your master!

I'd love to get your comments especially on budgeting principles and your methods. Let me hear from you!

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