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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Super deals!

This week, I am only going to post for the super, super sales I've scored rather than all the sales/matchups. These are my great deals this week:

At Bi-Lo:
2 Mt. Olive Sweet & Hot pickles BOGO ($1.85 each)
4 Lucky Charms (2/$5, used 2 $1/2 coupons, and store had $4 cash back wyb 4 - $1 each!)
1 Mueller's spaghetti ($1.99 sale price, used store coupon $1 off, $1coupon - net FREE!)
2 Ragu ($1.99, used $1 store coupon and $1 wyb 2 Ragu & any one pasta - .99 net price)
1 Kikoman soy sauce ($1.45 sale price less $1.10 (.55 coupon doubled) - .35 net price)
2 HF turkey smoked sausage (2/$5 sale less $1 coupon - $2 each)
1 pint grape tomatoes (with sale & store coupon - .99 net)
1 fresh italian bread (with sale & store coupon - .99 net)

At Bloom:
2 Fresh Express Veggie Lover's salad mix ($2.99 sale price less .50 coupon - net $2.49 each)
2 Green Giant Steamers (2/$3, used 2 $1 coupons - net .50 each)

At Publix:
2 Ziploc Freezer bags (2/$3, used $1/2 - net $1.00 each)
1 Publix Sundae cones ($2.50, used $1 Publix coupon - net $1.50)
2 Publix frozen pizza ($4.69, used 2 $1 Publix coupons - net $3.69 each)
4 Ore-Ida Steam & Mash (sale $3.99 BOGO - used 3 $1 coupons and one Buy3 Get1 coupon - .75 each!)
1 Friendship sour cream ($1.39 less .70 (.35 coupon doubled) - . 69 each)
Publix 1/2 gal. chocolate milk (BOGO - $1.35 each)
2 Eight O'Clock coffee (BOGO less 2 $1 coupon - net $1.55 each!)
2 Emerald nuts (BOGO less $1.50/2 coupon - $4.49 for 2 - I got "Cocoa Roasted Almonds - OMG, they are sooooooooo good!!)
2 Deer Park 6 packs ($1.99 each less $1/2 coupon - net .25 per bottle)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Ingles Weekly Sale

As part of the Grocery Gathering, here are this week's (10/26 - 11/01) sales at Ingles.

Progresso Soup 3/$4 (.50/2 – S 10/05, 09/07)
Progresso Vegetable Classics Soup 10/$10 (.50/2 – S 10/05, 09/07)
Pillsbury Crescent Rolls 3/$5 (.25 – S 10/19, 10/05, 09/07, or HERE)
Pillsbury Biscuits 5/$5 (.40/3 – S 10/19, or HERE)
GM cereals 3/$6 ($1/3 – S 10/05, 09/07, or $1 HERE)
Yoplait yogurt 10/$6 (.40/6 – S – 10/05, 09/07, or HERE)
Birds Eye cob corn 2/$5 ($1/3 HERE)
Stouffer’s party size lasagna or chicken enchiladas $10.98 ($1 – RP 09/14)
Totino pizza rolls 2/$6 (.35 – S 10/05, 09/07)
Kraft Bagel-fuls $2.18 ea ($1 - click on the blue coupon bar in the left column)
Tyson anytizers 3/$10 ($1 – S 10/12 and $1 Target coupon HERE)
Pillsbury Savourings 2/$6 (.75 – S 10/05, $1 – S 09/07)
NY Texas Toast 2/$4 (.40 – RP 09/28)
Michelina entrees 5/$5 ($1/5 HERE, or $1 - click on the blue coupon bar in the left column)
Snicker’s fun size bag 2/$4 ($1/2 – RP 10/12, RP 09/28)
Breyer’s ice cream 2/$5.96 (.50 S 10/26 and/or Winn-Dixie $1/2 10/05 insert)
Kraft Singles 2/$6 - (.75/2 Kraft Family Magazine)
GM Honey Nut Cheerios 3/$6 ($1/3 – S – 10/05, 09/07, $1 HERE)
Kellogg’s cereals $2.78 ea ($1 HERE and/or $1 off any produce wyb Kellogg's HERE)
Mueller’s dry pasta BOGO
Charmin (9 roll) $3.98 (.25 – P&G 09/28)
Simply Potatoes BOGO
Nestle Toll House Cookie dough $2.66 ($1.50/2 – RP 09/14, or $1 HERE)
Dannon Light & Fit yogurt 2/$4 (.50 HERE)
Sundown vitamins BOGO ($1 – RP 10/05, $3 – RP 09/28)
Excedrin $4.98 ($2 – S 10/19)
Nutrisse hair color $4.97 ($2 – RP 10/12, RP 09/14)
Jergen’s lotion $2.98 ($1 – S 10/12)
Benefiber $7.98 ($2 - S 10/19, S 09/21)
Cool Whip can 2/$4 ($1 wyb Jell-O – S 10/12)
Jell-O cups 3/$7 ($1 wyb Cool Whip – S 10/12, .50 – S 09/14)
Fast Fixin Italian style meatballs $5.98 ($1 HERE)
Fast Fixin Buffalo wings $6.98 ($1 HERE)
Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers $2.78 ($1 - S 10/26)
Healthy Choice soups 5/$5 (.75/2 - S 10/26)
Healthy Choice microwave soup bowls $1.78 ea (.75/2 - S 10/26)
Chef Boyardee canned pasta 5/$5 (.35/3 - S 10/19)
Ball Park franks BOGO (S - 10/19)
Fresh Express salad mix BOGO (.75 – S 09/21)
Litehouse dressing 2/$6 ($1 - click on the blue coupon bar in the left column)
Earthbound Farm organic Romaine hearts $2.98 (Get $1 coupons HERE)
Earthbound Farm organic baby peeled carrots 2/$3 (Get $1 coupons HERE)
As an aside, I usually don't shop the nearest Ingles because it isn't conveniently located for me; however, I noticed this week's sales corresponded with several coupons I already had clipped and several more I'd seen and/or printed from the web so I thought I'd give them another try. I created this post then called the Ingles to check out their policy on competitor coupons when they explained that this particular store does NOT accept competitor coupons NOR do they accept INTERNET coupons!! Egads. Most of these are hardly real deals if I cannot stack coupons. Soooo, this is my first and, alas, last Ingles post. Phooey!

And the winner is.....

#12 - Steve

Please email me:

Thanks to all who entered. Please visit me again.

Well folks, Steve was a no show so I've calculated another random number....
#3 - Kaye, come on down!!

Halloween recall

My friend Susan just sent me an email about this, but cynic that I am, I had to verify.
The following is copied directly from

Canadian news sources confirm that more than 3,000 kilograms (6,600 pounds) of Sherwood Brands Pirate's Gold Milk Chocolate Coins manufactured in China were recalled from store shelves on October 8, 2008 after they were found to contain melamine, a toxic chemical compound.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says the gold foil-wrapped chocolates were being sold at Costco and other bulk and dollar stores across Canada. Though the amount of melamine found in the candy was very low and no injuries have been reported, the agency decided to issue a warning because the distribution of the product was so wide.

The U.S. Food & Drug Administration has not issued a recall because the product was only distributed in Canada, a representative of the agency told the Akron Beacon Journal. The FDA says it has taken "aggressive action" to ensure that no melamine-contaminated products reach store shelves in the United States. However, consumer advocates warn that some brands of candy sold in the U.S. are still manufactured in China and other foreign countries and the FDA has not always acted quickly enough to prevent contaminated products from reaching store shelves.

Moms & Dads, this is a real reason to pilfer through the Halloween goody opposed to my usual late night scavenging for Reese's Cups!

Monday Morning Musings

Even though I attend a very dynamic church and have great pastors, it's rare that I find a sermon I want to share here. As a rule, our executive pastor blogs about the sermons by our senior pastor; however, our Scott is in Africa doing mission work this week so yesterday, Bill continued the MYOB series by discussing finances. I'm guessing he won't toot his own horn (though it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility if you know Bill LOL), so I'll toot it for him.

Talking money in church! I know, I think he was begging for a big offering, but that wasn't the case. He spoke primarily about the fact that giving is counter-cultural and that we are all subject to greed. You have only to look at statistics on credit card usage and recent home foreclosures to know it's true. You might even be such a statistic though I certainly hope not.

Bill really brought his point home for me in saying that a parent desires to give his child everything they need and want; however, it is important NOT to surrender to that desire so that your child will learn what they can/will do without! At one time, I was a credit card junkie to put it nicely with thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars of debt and little to show for it but a realllly nice wardrobe and over a hundred pairs of shoes. Then, I got divorced. My salary was truly a pittance so I took a part time job to supplement my income, but continued to spend like a Trump. It was literally a case of the classic "champagne taste on a beer salary." So I figured the best way out for me was to (ta da) get my parents to give or loan me the money to get out of debt. And do you know what they said? They said "NO." For a short time, I was really ticked, but then I developed a real pride in my poverty - I worked more, lived frugally (can you say wacko roommate?!), and NEVER went shopping. And I paid it all off. And saved. A lot.

It was a decision and a lifestyle that completely went against the worldview of "You want it? OK. You like it? Get it." Back then, I was not involved with a church and had about two inches of dust on my Bible, but this IS a Biblical principle: The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender. Proverbs 22:7

Bill also espoused some Dave Ramsey tips and Biblical references to demonstrate how and why we all need to MYOB when it comes to money. Click HERE for the sermon podcast.

Menu 10/20-10/26

This week, we will be eating only what's in the fridge, freezer & cabinets. I think I've done very well with stockpiling recently, so there shouldn't be any need to go grocery shopping until next week. Yeah! That's the BEST way to save money...just stay home!

Monday - Chicken Nuggets, broccoli with cheese sauce, hoppin' john
Tuesday - Voila skillet meal, salad, bread
Wednesday - Soft tacos with lettuce, sour cream & salsa
Thursday - Herb butter salmon, wild rice, veggie
Friday - Neighborhood Halloween Party!
Saturday - Beef Stroganoff, bread, veggie
Sunday - Breakfast for dinner - sausage & eggs

Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Format & Coupon Giveaway

So, what do you think of the new format here?? I've added some columns and changed the background. Please let me know what you think.

Have you left a comment yet for the coupon giveaway? Hurry...I'm giving away $70 in coupons in just a few hours!

Halloween website for the kiddos

Check out this cute site! This one is fun for even little kids to do (and FREE) - WOO HOO!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween costume

This morning, I've been trying to get the mountain of wrinkles out of Sophie's SuperGirl costume with little (OK...NO) success. Can you imagine a garment with the following laundry instructions: "Do not iron. Do not dry clean. Do not wash. Wipe with damp cloth." Poor planning on my part to say the very least! Who on earth intentionally buys a garment for a 4 year old child that cannot even be WASHED? Guess she'll just be cute and wrinkled.

Friday, October 24, 2008

2008 Election

Thus far, I've resisted the temptation to get on my bloggy soapbox...BUT the election looms less than 3 weeks away. Check out this information from Palmetto Family PAC to see where the candidates stand on issues that you care about!

I need help!

I added Google's AdSense to my site, and much to my dismay, just saw an ad pop up to "Get your foreign bride here." Argghhh. I had to assure the fine folks at Google that I did not blog on porn or use profanity. Is there any way to censor the ads at my site?? I know there is someone out there (much) more knowledgeable than I with the answer. PLEASE comment below! Sheesh.

There, I said it!

Do you know how much I love my sweet baby girl?? Do you know how glad I am she's at my parent's house right now?? LOL

Another Freebie

VistaPrint is at it again! Get 100 FREE postcards (anyone have a Christmas party coming up...) and pay only a small shipping fee. This deal is only good today so hurry!

Forms to make your life easier!

At the suggestion of my sweet Mama, I have added links (top right hand of page) to my Master Grocery Shopping list and to my Family Budget worksheet. I'll start with telling you about the shopping list because almost everyone agrees that (a) They need a good basic list, and (b) They don't mind using a list. (Budgets are another story!)

My list is very detailed and in the order of the aisles at my favorite grocery store. (It's your lucky day if you shop Publix on the Parkway!) The spaces to the right of the item are where I make notes of sale prices and any coupons I have. I use the boxes to the left of the item to list the quantity I wish to buy. I print the entire list & post it to my refrigerator door so I can easily add to it as I run out of a staple item or when I am making my weekly menu. Since the list is so long, I will often use a highlighter pen before I head to the store so I won't miss anything! Feel free to print directly from the Google Docs site or download to your computer to personalize.

I adapted the budget form from a MicroSoft template. You'll see some items have different color fonts which I use to indicate autodrafts (with the date in the description column) or cash items. I make two monthly withdrawals for half the total of all cash items then use receipts to log purchases into the spreadsheet. When the cash is gone, so is the spending! I also have some expenses highlighted with a different color background. Most of these expenses are not monthly so I calculate a monthly amount to equal the annual bills. I total these columns and transfer the amount to our savings accounts which I access when the bill comes due. Again, you are welcome to download my format and personalize for your own use.

Budgeting is very personal, but is necessary so that you can truly know what and how you are spending! If you don't master your money, then your money can easily become your master!

I'd love to get your comments especially on budgeting principles and your methods. Let me hear from you!

Adoption Update

Yesterday, hubby & I got our fingerprints done (finally!) so all that's left is sorting this paperwork and getting it to the agency. If I can find John's SS card (sheesh), I'll get everything copied and over to the agency Monday a.m. YEAH! Then we will get the home study and home inspection scheduled and go from there.

Thanks to all for your prayers!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Coupon Giveaway!

I am giving away a package of coupons worth over $70! Random drawing will be held Monday October 27 at noon. Leave a comment below to be entered. Winner will be notified here and will have 24 hours to claim the prize. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Can you say "BLING?" She has on two necklaces and three bracelets while she talks on the phone and drinks a "little Pepsi please Mom." Is she 4 or 14?

CLR tackle - scum and mildew and mold, OH MY!

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I've joined the 5minutesformom CLR tackle challenge this week! First, I received my full size bottle of CLR in the mail about a week ago. After carefully sitting the bottle on my kitchen counter and staring at it for several days (a week?), I decided to test it on some of my more difficult (ahem, grosser) cleaning jobs around the house.

I need to add a disclaimer here that I'm married to Mr. Clean. Literally. My house on its worst day still isn't THAT bad, and I'd be lying if I said otherwise. I live with the guy who actually moves the chairs, stools, and rugs out of the kitchen before he mops. So...the accumulated mold and mildew and soap scum and other yucky stuff that CLR is supposed to banish really isn't a big issue around here. OK. That said, let me tell you what I DID clean and how the product worked.

In the sinks - I sprayed the underside of the sink faucets to clean the nastiness that lives there then waited the suggested two minutes. When I wiped the faucets, TONS of goo had come loose (yuck - I DRINK out of that faucet) so I grabbed a toothbrush and started scrubbing. I had to repeat the process twice before everything rinsed clear, but WOW do I have some clean faucets now!

In the toilet - Several squirts of CLR into the full toilet bowl plus one rag liberally sprayed with CLR make for a tidy bowl FAST. I was very pleased with how quickly the mold at the water line cleaned with VERY little elbow grease.

In the shower - I don't have a big soap scum problem anymore since I banished all bar soaps from my house and forced liquid soaps and body wash on my loved ones. However, I do (rather, did) have mold around the shower door frame and more nastiness growing in the drain. I sprayed the drain & used a toothbrush to loosen the funk, most of which did finally come loose. For this to be really clean, I think I'll suggest to hubby that he needs to unscrew the drain cover and clean in there. I think the CLR would work great and it would be nice for someone else to do the dirty work! CLR quickly cleaned the red growth on the shower head. The frame around the shower door, the guides at the bottom of the door, and the caulking all continue to have black mold stains, even after using CLR and a toothbrush. I suspect that the growth is behind the caulk which is why I wasn't able to (and never have been able to) get them spotless.

Overall, I am pleased with the way CLR cleaned. I was not impressed with the scent though. I can't describe the smell - maybe "industrial." I am accustomed to cleaning products having a fresh, clean smell (pine, lemon, orange - something pleasing to the nose), but CLR seriously lacks in this category.

On a positive note, I am EXTREMELY sensitive to fumes (as in I develop bronchitis/asthma when exposed to fumes for longer than just a few minutes), and this product did not cause me to have any shortness of breath or coughing spasms. For this reason alone, I'll use it again and would recommend it to others.

Happy cleaning, y'all!!

Monday, October 20, 2008


I just made the cutest business card FREE at Vista Print. You can't tell, but this one has my name and numbers. For the "Company Name," I typed "Sophie's Mom." I think it will be adorable. (OK, I know the picture on the card looks a little "hootchie," but I figured with my red hair & the cartoon's red hair, people would remember who I was!) Holly and Mindy at mommieswithcents made a free t-shirt to promote their blog.

Also, there is still time to take advantage of Vista Print's half-off sale on Christmas cards! This site is just so cool and so FREE! What could be better?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween costume

My little one has changed her mind up to six times a day about what she wants to be for Halloween. Sometimes she wants to be Batman; sometimes Tinkerbell; sometimes a fireman; sometimes Nemo; sometimes Dora the Explorer. How on earth can I make or buy an outfit to suit such the fickle child??

Today, I found the SuperGirl costume at Target on sale which I promptly snatched up. After lunch, I let her try it on, and (hurray!) it's a hit!

Menu 10/20 - 10/26

I'm early getting this post up...yeah!!

Monday - Voila skillet meal, salad, bread
Tuesday - Breakfast casserole
Wednesday - Soup
Thursday - Herb butter salmon, cheddar mashed potatoes, veggie
Friday - Chicken nuggets, hash browns, veggie
Saturday - Chicken noodle casserole, veggie
Sunday - Spaghetti, salad, bread

Gymastics Superstars

Last night, we took Sophie to see the Olympiads at the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville. It was incredible to see the talent that these gymnasts have...such balance, and poise, and strength. I was not expecting the teeny bopper music (FYI - when you use the words "teeny bopper music," you are automatically OLD!) of KSM and Jordan Pruitt, but it was OK.

Sophie asked me early in the show if I'd remembered to bring her leotard. I said no. She then asked if she could just wear her Airborne t-shirt (which she had on) when she went on stage to perform. I said that would be fine. She then proceeded to ask (over & over) WHEN she would get to go on the mat. I told her that when she heard them call her name, then it would be time. PTL that there were no gymnasts named Sophia! When the show was over, she burst into tears because she had not gotten to perform. I told her that after she was in the Olympics THEN she could perform with the Superstars.

Upon our arrival home, she ran (!) up and down the hall practicing walkovers and cartwheels! I need a padded room for her. Actually, maybe the padded room will be for ME!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bloom weekly sale

I have written the post at MommiesWithCents for this week's Bloom sales. I'm hoping to make the time to get it posted on Thursdays in addition to weekly Bi-Lo sales. For more info, check out the Grocery Gathering. Great way to learn to save on groceries!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Today, I tackled a mountain, literally, of laundry. My husband was off work Friday & Monday, and all weekend was slamming busy so today...laundry. The washer & dryer are still running as I type even though I started 14 hours ago!! Sheesh...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Menu 10/13 - 10/19

Monday - Chili with black beans
Tuesday - Penne with marianara
Wednesday - Soup
Thursday - Chicken Tenders, potatoes, veggie
Friday - Crab Cakes, rice, salad
Saturday - Voila skillet meal, salad
Sunday - Pork chops, noodles, veggies

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Happy Birthday, dear daughter!!

Triple Coupon Deal

Bloom is tripling coupons this weekend! Check out Mommies With Cents for details!

There, I said it!

What's in a name? Hmmm...This is a real clip from our local paper. I marked through this fella's address, but not make any other changes. Do you think perhaps this poor guy turned to a life of crime because he could never learn to spell his name? How does one even pronounce "Tyrassassazzion?" Is that supposed to be "Assassin" in the middle of the kid's name? I think I am, for once, speechless.

Great CVS Deal

DON'T FORGET TO LOOK AT THE CLEARANCE ITEMS AT YOUR STORE! Sometimes, I get so caught up in ECBs and sales that I forget about the clearance aisle.

I checked the clearance shelf today and found Airborne on sale for $2 AND I had two $2 off coupons, so I got these goodies for FREE! Also, they had Sunlight dish soap on sale for .35 each, and Orajel Toddler Toothpaste (regularly 3.99) on sale for $1.00. I had a .55 off Orajel, so I got a tube of yummy bubblegum "Little Bear" paste for only .45! That's less than a dollar spent for goodies I can really use.

Check out CVS Superstars to see some really savvy shoppers!

Publix deals 10/08

When I hit Publix each week, I try to only buy items which are on sale AND for which I have coupons. Yesterday, I flubbed a few items which I really needed but still only spent $74.50. I had almost $67 off in coupons & sales, but that's still more than I usually spend. Rather than list every item, I'll just share my GREAT deals:

2 - Honey Bunches of O's - on sale BOGO $1.95 & I had a coupon for a FREE box, so I spent $1.95 for two boxes of cereal
2 - Tabasco - $1.49 & I used two .50 coupons/doubled, so I paid only .49 per bottle!
1 - Cover Girl Eye Makeup Remover - $3.69 & I used one $1 manf coupon plus one $2 Publix coupon so this only cost .69
4 - Progresso Diced Tomatoes - on sale 4/$5 & I used two $1/2 coupons, so these were .75 ea
2 - Scotch Brite sponges (3pk) - on sale 2/$2.99 - used $1/2 so these were $1/pkg
1 - Cascade Rinse Aid - $3.49 - FREE with coupon
2 - Muir Glen Organic Fire Roasted Tomatoes - on sale $1.75 - used two $1 manf coupons and one $1/2 Publix coupon, so these were .25 ea
1 - GE Reveal light bulb - one sale $1.99 - used $1 coupon
1 - New England Hazelnut Coffee - sale $2.90 - used $1.50 coupon
8 - Attune Probiotic bar - 6/$5 - used 4 BOGO coupons, so these were .42 each
1 - Publix Kidz yogurt - sale $1.67, used $1 coupon
2 - SeaPak Salmon - sale $3.80 each, used two $1 coupons so these were only 2.80 each
1 - Pillsbury Frozen Grands - sale $2.50, used $1 coupon

My big expenses were over $5 for a fresh fruit bowl (even with $1 coupon), $5.39 for olive oil (used .75 coupon), and $4.59 for NatureKids Organic breakfast bars for Sophia. (These are the ONLY bars she will eat. I'd LOVE for them to be on sale &/or have a coupon, but I've never seen a sale or a coupon!) Nabisco crackers were on sale 2/$5 so I bought two, but didn't have any discounts other than that. BOO. Maybe next time!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Coupons Galore!

Sign up for Betty Crocker coupons and get tons of great coupons including cereal (we have a Lucky Charms addiction here), Muir Glen organic tomatoes (almost free when combined with Publix coupon in this month's Greenwise magazine), and Progresso ($1 off any product except soup - all of which are on sale at Bloom this week).

Wordless Wednesday

I guess it's not really WORDLESS Wednesday since this is my third post today, but....this is my little one when we went out for a sushi lunch last week. She is chowing down on baby octopus!

Baby Talk

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of meeting Morgan Hamm (Olympic gymnast) when he visited Airborne Athletics. He came just as Sophie's class was finishing up their lesson so all the kids were able to speak to him and take photos (OF COURSE I forgot my camera...).

Sophia went right up to him and said, "Hey! I'm gonna be in the 'Lympics next time."

With that kind of confidence, she probably will!

A New Blog

I'm so excited to join Mindy & Holly at Mommies with Cents as a regular blogger. I'll be contributing recipes each week for the Mmm Wednesdays post as well as writing about local sales and other topics. Check us out!

Monday, October 6, 2008


Love to read? I do, and I love this new idea from Random House. Go to their "Read It Forward" site to request a FREE book. You don't even have to pay for postage! They have several to choose from this week with quite varied topics. Request the book(s) which interest you the most, and Random House will send it/them (or a replacement) to you. All books are given on a first come/first served basis. This might be an idea for your book club or, like me, just a little "mommy time" late at night. (This is where I got Amy MacKinnon's new book "Tethered.")Enjoy!

Book Review

I just finished "Tethered" by Amy MacKinnon. WOW, what a FAST read; I could not put this book down! The main character, Clara, certainly has a troubled past (and present for that matter) and an eerie occupation as an undertaker. A police detective, Mike, begins work on the cold case of an unknown child murdered three years ago. As the two collaborate, you learn of their past trials and grief. Even though I sussed out the murderer fairly early in the book, the mysteries surrounding Clara, Mike, and the funeral home kept me on the edge of my seat. I had to reread the final chapters twice to "get it."

I know many are quite put off by any books or movies where children are abused or killed, but this book did not seem explotative at all. In fact, with the exception of one police officer's dialogue (and there wasn't much from him), you won't find bad language here either.

If you like a mystery or psychological thriller, this is for you. You can check out the author's website here.

There's a mouse in my house....

OK, he's not a mouse, but one of Sophia's beloved "chipmonkeys." And he's not in the house, but actually in the garage. However, the garage IS attached and therefore IS part of my house. Suffice it to say that rodents (even cute ones) are NOT welcome. I just hate to set a mousetrap for Sophie to find her chipmonkey friend with his little neck snapped. I can also assure you that I hate to set a "humane" trap because, frankly, I want this little rodent dead. I would get a cat, but John is so allergic it just seems cruel. Hmmm. No easy winner here.

Menu 10/05 - 10/18

Sunday - Spaghetti (Sophie's GOTCHA' party)
Monday - Shrimp Scampi, salad, pasta, bread
Tuesday - Chicken Noodle casserole
Wednesday - Soup
Thursday - Tacos
Friday - Voila skillet dinner, veggies
Saturday - Lasagna, salad, bread
Sunday - OUT (Fall for Greenville)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fast Track

Sheesh. What a morning! John was up at 5:30 and in the shower when Sophie started calling me from her bedroom. "HEY MOM!" I called her to come in our room at which time she announced she had wet her bed. So I got up, took her to potty, changed her clothes, and put her back in our bed to sleep for another hour or so.

John called (late) to wake us up. He apologized that he didn't call at his usual time (7 a.m.), then told me it was 8:40. I jumped up, put in my contacts, pulled on some jeans and a baseball cap, rushed to the kitchen to pack Sophie's lunch, ran to her bedroom to pack her backpack, then took her clothes to our room where I proceed to dress her WHILE SHE WAS STILL ASLEEP! She cried while she brushed her teeth and I simultaneously fixed her hair. Finally, I hustled her to the car which was COLD, noticed the hubby forgot to take the trash to the street, picked up the paper, then sped toward her school.

On the way there, she called her Daddy to say good morning. I got on the phone, and he commented on how early we were going to school today. I looked at the clock, and it was only 8:20! He had misspoke earlier when he called as it was only 7:40 then. So now, I have 45 minutes to kill before I can take the princess to school. Off to Starbucks we go!!

Upon arrival at school, I realize I don't have my checkbook and have forgotten to pay for October tuition. Also, today is the last day to order the artwork (magnets, etc. for fund raiser). AND it's pizza day. Praise the Lord that I was able to scrape together enough cash and coin so Sophie could have lunch LOL!

When I return home, I'm greeted by my half-painted kitchen, a small mountain of laundry, and Sophie's wet bedding. I think I will lie down and set the clock back to 7 a.m. and start this day again. Maybe a little slower this time.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


HURRY on over to to register for $5000 toward a new washer and/or dryer! Alternate winners will receive a goody box with cleaning items and coupons.

On the same page, there is a registration for a Ziploc gift pack with the new vacuum sealer and over $14 in coupons for cleaning/household items for the first 20,000 to sign up.

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