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Monday, September 22, 2008

This week's menu

**9/23/08**I've had to update my menu since I filled the house with smoke last night!! Last Friday, both Sophie & I were puny with sinus troubles so John bought DiGiorno pizza (very cheap with coupons of course - pizzas on sale for $5.99, he used $1 Food Lion coupon plus $1 off coupon I got on a box of Capri Sun last week!) Anyway, the pizza magically fell through the oven rack making a huge mess. In my medicine haze, I forgot to clean it all weekend. Then last night, as I preheated the oven to roast my chicken, the smoke roiled out of the oven. I was actually afraid that there was a real fire in there!! Suffice it to say, we had cantaloupe, cottage cheese and crackers for dinner!

Tuesday - Roast Chicken, rice & veggies
Wednesday - Sausage & Eggs
Thursday - Soup
Friday - Neighborhood TGIF party
Saturday - Chicken Noodle Casserole
Sunday - Salmon patties, cheesy potatoes, veggies

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