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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

CVS deals

Yesterday I got some great deals at CVS:
1 - 2L Dr. Pepper (1.25)
2 - Chex Mix (1.00 ea)
2 - Schick Quattro 3pk (7.99 ea BOGO)
1 - CVS Garlic powder (.99)
1 - 6pk CVS water (2.99)

...all of which I REALLY needed...I also got:

1 - 24oz Gatorade (1.00)
1 - Nerds candy (.79)

...which I really DIDN'T need...but I had to bribe Sophia since CVS was our SEVENTH errand after school!!

.50 - Chex
.50 - Chex
1.00 - CVS Water
2.00 - Schick
2.00 - Schick
$2/$10 - CVS internet coupon

Total spent out-of-pocket $9.25

I also have to tell you that the employees at my CVS (Batesville Rd., Greer, SC) are the BEST! Our two favorite cashiers (Vicky & Janis) always spend extra time talking to Sophie, and yesterday, Vicky actually bought Sophie a Nemo ball cap off the clearance aisle!

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