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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Publix deals 9/23 - FREE Good Belly!

Yesterday, Publix was out of two things I wanted to buy so I had to return this morning. Contessa Shrimp Scampi is on sale for $2.99 each, and Good Belly is on sale for $1.98 each. I picked up 2 boxes of scampi and used a $2/2 coupon (was inside the last box I purchased). I also got 2 packages of Good Belly and used 2 $1 off Publix Q from the Pyramid coupon booklet and used 2 coupons for .50 each which were doubled. So today, I spent only $3.98!

If you buy Good Belly, check the inside of the carton for the .50 off coupons!


The Q Family said...

How do you like the Good Belly? We got it as well.. but yuck!! Maybe it's good for the belly but certainly not for the taste. :)

-Amy @ The Q Family

Gina said...

I've had it before so I knew what to expect this time, but you are right - it's nothing like yummy Dannon Active yogurt drink! I've been swilling mine super fast like a shot...actually, maybe I should use them to make daquiris. Do you think that they would still be mega healthy?? LOL