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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Spring Cleaning 101

Let me preface this entry by saying that everybody (hopefully) cleans at least on occasion and probably does a very good job of it. However, I think my being OCD clean and uber-organized gives me the leg up to tell you just how to do it. Plus, this fulfills my super bossy nature without alienating my husband or daughter. I, of course, use the products I am fond of; you can certainly use what you like.


First, remove any shower curtains, window treatments, bath mats, and towels. Wash whatever is washable. If an item is not washable (curtains oftentimes), run them through "fluff"(cool air) cycle on dryer to remove lint and dust.

Using a Swiffer duster (or similar wand), dust the light fixtures including bulb(s). Dust all corners for cobwebs.

Pour 1/2 cup baking soda down each drain (including tub and/or shower). Add 1/2 cup white vinegar. Wait at least 5 minutes then rinse with hot water. This will clean the yucky buildup in your drains.

Meanwhile, bring in your vacuum. Using the brush attachment, vacuum the exhaust fan and all cabinetry including baseboards. Use the vacuum to clean any window blinds or shutters.

Empty trashcan and fill with 1 gallon of hot water. Add 1/2 cup Murphy's Oil Soap. Using a terry rag, wipe down all cabinets and baseboards. Dump water, then use the rag to clean trashcan. Air dry upside down while you continue to clean.

Add 1 cup Orange Pine Sol to 1 gallon hot water in bucket. Using a new terry rag, clean shower, tub, and sinks. If heavily soiled, you may need to use a stiff brush. An old toothbrush works great in corners and tight spots. Rinse with hot water. Pour contents of bucket into toilet.

Use toilet brush to clean commode. Wipe down all surfaces of toilet.

Use Windex to clean mirrors, windows, and shower door. Remove all items from counter, and clean surface with Windex. Clean faucets and dry with paper towel.

Sweep and Swiffer floor. Mop with solution of 1 cup white vinegar in 1 gallon hot water.

When floor is dry, rehang curtains (iron if needed). Replace linens.

Smile because you've worked so hard and accomplished so much! (Can I just add here that I actually did this today in both of our potties, and it is a LOT more work than it looks like onscreen!?)

To keep it clean:

  • Whenever you change a lightbulb, remove fixture and wash before replacing.
  • Banish bar soaps! Bar soaps are made with glycerin (wax) which leaves the soap scum residue which is so hard to remove. Soft Soap is dirt cheap at CVS every month so buy some.
  • Use a daily shower spray. I like Arm & Hammer best. It's pretty green as cleaners go and has a nice scent.
  • Pick up a squegee at the dollar store and hang it in your shower. It's ideal for keeping shower doors free from water spots, and since it's a TOOL, men dig it.