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Monday, February 2, 2009

Menu Planning Monday

Well, last night I almost killed my family with the most decadent dinner and dessert ever: Chicken Pasta Alfredo with salad and garlic bread and S'more cookies for dessert. The cookies were so rich I could barely eat one! I got the recipe from Parenting magazine (thanks Jan & Sarah for the gift subscription!) and will post it later.

This week, I intend for us to eat meals from what I have on hand in the pantry and freezer. The only things I'll need from the grocery are milk, yogurt, and fresh fruit. Cheap week!

Monday: Corned beef hash with potatoes and onions, Eggs, Fruit salad
Tuesday: Turkey noodle casserole with peas and carrots, Salad, Bread
Wednesday: Broiled sole, Baked potato, Green beans, bread
Thursday: French toast, Sausage links, Fruit salad
Friday: Free For All - leftovers, fix it, you can eat it :)
Saturday: Ravioli, Green beans, Garlic Bread
Sunday: Shrimp scampi, Pasta, Broccoli, Bread

I think that will nearly wipe out my freezer!

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