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Friday, May 6, 2011

Gratitude ~ Day 2

6.  Hearing - I LOVE music and would be sad if I could never hear the voices of those I love.  This morning I was regaled from my porch with a symphony from the birds.

7.  Roomba - That's right.  I'm thankful for a vacuum cleaner.  Actually, I am only thankful for this vacuum cleaner that works withOUT me!

8.  Dishwasher - Again, I am not thankful for chores, but for appliances that do them for me.  I despise washing dishes and do not ever want to live without an automatic dish washer.

9.  Air Conditioning - If you live in S.C. where the average relative humidity is 12,486% you already understand why.

10.  Hot showers

11.  A good mattress

12.  My ridiculously expensive pillow that helps me sleep like a kitten

13.  My cat who eats the rabbits who eat would like to eat the lettuce in my little garden

14.  Black mascara - I have been blessed cursed with blonde eyelashes.  Mascara keeps me from looking like a corpse.

15.  Mrs. V - My daughter's kindergarten teacher is a dream.  She starts every day with a smile and has helped SJ build a wonderful foundation for learning.

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