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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Gratitude Challenge

My sweet friend Traci posted a comment on facebook today challenging us to name 1,000 things for which we are thankful.  Rather than journaling at midnight all alone, I've decided to focus my blog on this and see where it goes.

Day One ~ I am thankful for (in NO particular order!):

1.  My husband - JB is thoughtful and generous and good-natured.  He's honest and dependable and responsible.  He CAN be a pain in the butt, of course, but since he's willing to overlook my sass I guess I'll let his slide as well!

2.  My sweet daughter - SJ is the very light of my days.  She makes me smile and laugh and cry and scream and pull my hair out, but I wouldn't want to live any other way. 

3.  Coffee - You do NOT want to be around me until I've had my morning java which usually consists of at least 4 cups!

4.  My Bible - OK, my BibleS.  I have many interpretations and they are priceless to me.  I love that it is so relevant to my life.  Who wouldn't want a manual on how to best do life?  Not me!

5.  My home - I like my house, but it's the HOME part I'm most thankful for.  It's the little things like a picture of my great-grandparents, Sophie's first outfit, my wedding shoes and, most importantly, the PEOPLE in my house that make it a home.

More tomorrow.....



Traci said...

So cool. This "challenge" all stems from the fact that "seeds of discouragement can not take root in a thankful heart". When we are thankful, it just overflows into JOY. And this joy is so missing in our lives sometimes. Love you girl!!

Sherrie Koretke said...

Gratitude is so important. It's great you took on this challenge. Your world will open up even more as you acknowledge the great abundance you have in your life. The true value is the experience you receive from the people and things that are in your life.