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Friday, August 28, 2009

Ode To My Fellow Multitaskers...(or Are We Really Uber-Efficient or Plagued with ADD?)

I shall start by acknowledging that "Pride is Folly." Yep, I know it to be true today. I generally pride myself on my ability to do multiple tasks simultaneously. I consider myself to be quite efficient this way, and, frankly, I secretly suspect that single-taskers aren't quite as smart as I am. There, I said it. Don't be angry my beloved family of single-taskers. I reluctantly admire your dogged focus to "see it through" whatever "it" might be.

Today, my to-do list resembles the Dead Sea Scrolls which, unfurled, drag the floor. As I scurry from task to task, I come to the hall bathroom which I have just cleaned and mopped. Only a few minor tweaks to check this baby off the list: wipe counters, clean mirrors...hmmm...those soap dispensers look gross. I think I will toss them in a sink full of water and get them squeaky clean.
* Plug sink. Check.
* Add soap dispensers. Check.
* Fill with water. Check.
Dash to master bath to begin cleaning it. Scrub shower. Check. Wonder what that running water sound is. Check?

Oh. My. God. Water. Running. Bathroom. Sink.

I pause for a whole two seconds to utter a prayer as I head down the hallway toward a sink that only plugs properly about half the time, "Please Lord. Let the stopper not be working...." Enter hall bathroom and realize there is no point in finishing THIS prayer. Water, water everywhere.

I can't help but laugh and try to look for the bright side. Thank God I had already mopped so that, while wet, at least the floor isn't wet AND dirty. Thank God we live in a ranch home so I don't have to worry about falling through to the kitchen downstairs.

I start another load of laundry (towels this time!) and ponder my utter INefficiency today. Too funny really and I'm still laughing as I walk past another pile of towels intended for the laundry and head off to finish cleaning the master bathroom...

Is that the sound of water still running in the shower?

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