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Monday, August 18, 2008

Being Intentional

"Be Intentional." My friend Traci tosses this expression around quite a bit, and I like it. shows "intentional" to mean "calculated, deliberate." I get it. I should plan and act accordingly. It means that I should think about what I want and need to accomplish this week and work toward those specific goals without letting my carnal foes, busyness and idleness, take over my precious time.

My goals this week are:
  • Help my daughter deal with Daddy's business travel
  • Help my daughter acclimate to new preschool schedule & teacher
  • Paint primer on all the moulding in my kitchen
  • Paint the baseboards (OK, maybe I won't get to this by Friday, but I'm feeling optimistic!)
  • Call gym
  • Call social worker about home study

Interestingly, I notice two more synonyms: voluntary and willing. Willing to give some of that precious time to a friend maybe?
  • Spend Wednesday afternoon with Susan
  • Babysit for a friend Friday afternoon

We all get absorbed in our day to day activities and get distracted from the things that matter. What will you do to be intentional this week?

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